Download CoachYouths On-Demand Here.

Install CoachYouths On-Demand

Installing CoachYouths On-Demand is quick and easy, you will find the correct download for your computer below:

Installer Packages

OS Description Type/Size Actions
Install on Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit) EXE (49.3Mb)
Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit & 64-bit) EXE (49.3Mb)
Microsoft Windows XP SP2+ (Home & Pro) EXE (49.3Mb)
Apple OS X Coming Soon Notify me when available

- watch a quick video tutorial 

- click to download installer 

Installation Quick Start

To help get you started we have outlined the basic installation process below.

These are simply general guidelines and will depend on your computer and operating system. For more detailed installation information please take a look at the video tutorials.

View Common Installation issues and troubleshooting

  1. First choose the correct installer for your system from the options above.
  2. Download the installer and save to an easy to remember location.
  3. Run the installer.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions during installation and you should have no problems.
  5. You will need to login using your CoachYouths Account which you will create when you order your playbooks.

Why do I need to install CoachYouths On-Demand?

The answer is simple, CoachYouths On-Demand is ONE piece of software that allows you to have access to a variety of coaching applications such as Football Playbook Designer 2011, and without having to install anything else.

Our CoachYouths On-Demand software is what YOUR players and fellow coaches can install for FREE to view your playbooks, run the animated play tutorials and print your playbooks that YOU share with them.

This software allows you to manage all of your playbooks and will always make sure you have the most up to date copy of each playbook and will automatically keep any other applications such as a Playbook Designer up to date..

In addition, CoachYouths On-Demand can be installed on and UNLIMITED number of computers, allowing your access to your playbooks from any computer with internet access.

Common Installation Problems

Please review these solutions before contacting us for support. We are here to help, but these are often the solution to 90% of installation issues.

What do I do if I get an error "Main/pak" not found

If you were able download and install CoachYouths On-Demand, but you get an error that looks like "Main.pak" not found, then the most common solution is to update your JAVA.

Please try to download and install the latest version JAVA from here:

Installer says something about JRE not compatible, need 1.6 or higher?

If you get an error message that looks like "cannot be installed on systems with a JRE lower than 1.6" you will simply need to update your JAVA. This is a very easy process and only requires a few additional minutes. Most systems will already have the latest JAVA version, so no update will be required.

Please try to download and install the latest version JAVA from here:

Windows 7 Installer Permissions Issue

If you you are running Windows 7 and the installer gives you a permissions issue or says access denied while trying to install then you will need to download and install using a special installer..

You may download this special installer here:

Download Installer

Nothing happens when I run program?

I installed the software, but when I click the icon on my desktop NOTHING happens.

This is most likely an issue with an out of date version of java or a corrupted version of java, either way it is a simple fix.

Please try to download and install the latest version JAVA from here:

Playbook Samples

Below are a few sample plays that are examples of what CoachYouths Playbook Designer 2011 can produce. These samples will help illustrate the level of detail that can be included in your playbooks and shows you the variety of print formats possible.

Name Size
Full Color Play Sample (1-UP) 135Kb
Greyscale Play Sample (1-UP) 365Kb
Black and White Play Sample (1-UP) 11Kb
Color Play Sample (4-UP) 20Kb
Black and White Play Sample (4-UP) 17Kb
How to install in Windows Vista and Windows 7